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BAfter being brushed off by a one night stand, Buffy turns to this beverage which turns her into a Neaderthal.
UBuffy defeats this creature to set an example for the potential slayers in 'Showtime'.
FSeason 7 Big Bad
FRogue Slayer; called after Kendra's death
YWhen Willow turns bad, Xander reminds her of this object to get her back.
SBuffy's season 6 lover
UCollege attended by Buffy and Willow
MSeason 1 Big Bad
MAnnoying demon sent to Buffy by the Trio; it's tricky to pronounce his name.
EResponsible for mischief such as magic candy and turning Giles into a demon.
RBuffy's serious boyfriend in college.
SBuffy's occupation/ destiny
WLike her girlfriend Tara, Willow is one of these.
IThis military operation fought the supernatural occurrences on the college campus.
LName the episode in which Willow and Xander are caught cheating on their partners.
LAs a superb student, Willow can often be found in this part of the school, along with Giles.
OWillow's high school boyfriend
WThe man Willow kills to avenge Tara's death.
RFellow witch Amy spend a few years as this animal.
OWillow is almost burned at the stake because of Mothers Opposed to the (blank).
SWillow is forced to participate in the talent show by this new principal.
EWillow visits this country to learn to control her magic.
NFinish the quote: 'I've got a theory. Some kid is dreaming, and we're all stuck inside his wacky broadway (blank)'.
BSunnydale Students like to hang out at this club at night.
EWillow dresses as this for a World cultures dance
RAmy takes Willow to see this sorcerer when she is becoming addicted to magic.
GOn Halloween when everyone turns into their costume, Willow becomes this.
XJust type Xander!
AXander's ex-demon girlfriend
NName the episode in which Xander is chased by a creepy clown.
DThis young member of the gang has a small crush on Xander.
EXander loses this body part in a fight with the priest Caleb.
RGiles' nickname from his rebellious years.
HXander is posessed by this animal at the zoo.
ABuffy's season 1/2 boyfriend, source of jealousy for Xander.
RName the episode in which there are two versions of Xander running around.
RXander gives this to Anya before the final battle against Glory.
IThe title of the catchy musical number Xander sings with Anya in 'Once More, With Feeling'.
SNickname for Buffy and her friends' gang.

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