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Which old girl has had sexual relations with a ginger from the men's hockey club?
Which member of UEA hockey gave Pastel glandular fever?
Who has scored the most goals for the 2XI this year?
Which troubled tourer had their weekend ruined by a drug induced truth bomb?
Which current ladies member has had a threesome with two old boys?
In 2013/14, which current member did not make it back from essex after derby day?
Whose name was shouted out in a case of 'under cover' mistaken identity?
Who sent a snap chat inviting a certain old boy back to hers, teasing him with bacon?
Which ladies hockey member has recently been seduced by DM7?
Who from UEA ladies hockey has broken Christopher Whiting's heart?
Who is solely responsible for the sudden departure of Mary Cheeseman?
How many games did UEA Ladies 2XI go undefeated for?
Name a past 2XI captain who still plays for the 2's?
How many memebers of UEA hockey has vic got with?
Why did Maz cry at drinking shirts this year?
Which members of the current ladies committee doesn't actually go here?
How many boys form UEA hockey has BBB slept with?
Name one of these conquests?
Who used to coach the ladies 2's in 2013/2014?
What subject does Ashleigh study?
Who are the current publicity sec's?
What old boy did Maz have 'fun' with on her birthday night out?
Why did the mens club get banned this year?
What is jeff's fav meal?
What team this season is the only team the 2's have lost to twice?

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