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QUIZ: Can you name the participation and voter behaviour statistics correctly?

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In 1964, The Conservatives took what percentage of seats in the Middle Classes
What percentage of the Middle Classes did labour win at the the 1964 election
What percentage of the Working Class did Labour get at the 1964 election?
What was the perecentage of conservative support in the Working Classes in 1964?
In the 2010 election, what percentage of the working class voted labour
In the 2010 election, what percentage of the working class for Conservative?
In the 2001 election, what percentage of the middle classes voted conservative?
In the 2001 election, what percentage of the middle classes voted labour?
What do these statistics support?
In 1964, the working class constituted 70% of the electorate, what had it fallen to by 1997?
What thesis does this statistic support?
Younger voters traditionally lean towards which party
Older voters traditionally lean towards which party?
Turnout for older voters (55+) in 2010 was what percentage?
Turnout for younger voters (18-34) was what percentage?
Labour have traditionally taken above 80% of the ethnic minority vote in previous election, what percentage did they take in 2010?
Between 1964 and 2005, the 'strong identification levels' for labour have dropped from 51% to what percentage?
Like wise for the conservatives, the levels have dropped from 48% to what percentage
Single issue voting is on the rise...what party did Richard Taylor represent in a classic example of issue-based voting?
In 2010, an example of issue saliency was present in the Brighton constituency, what party thus now holds that seat?
As an example of prospective voting, which election did the conservative benefit from prospective voting because of fears over Labour's tax plans?
Retrospective voting over the Iraq War creating 'the iraq effect' was a key part of which election?
Which newspaper claimed to 'win it' for the conservatives at the 1992 election

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