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Can you name the jij n jin close calls?

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Our nerves were calmed on the subject of smoking on dorset because of the smoking habits of ...
When there was a scare that Sean was to catch us smoking John ...
When I wasn't allowed in the Kehoe household on the 30th November 2009 we...
George was nearly caught slipping calling his sister fit, it was in fact ...
We were nearly forced to attend 'big teach' but were able to use what as our excuse? We had just been to the ...
John shat himself when a boys meeting was called due to his possession of...
John still owes George 80 quid for losing his wallet on a trip he was never meant to be on.. in a Casino called...
India Flint was saved by the bell (shaw and Kehoe) by realising before it was too late that George Smith had...

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