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Geographical area represented by an MP
Body responsible for drawing up and reviewing constituency boundaries
Constituency that produces a victory for the same party every election
Constituency that provides varying results every election and are often the focus
Constituency represented by more than one elected official. Single Transferable Vote uses these
Constituency represented by one elected official. First Past the Post uses this
Situation of no party having a majority of MPs in the house of commons after a general election
Response taken to hung parliament by Harold Wilson in 1974
Response taken to hung parliament by David Cameron in 2010
Number of seats David Cameron's conservatives won at the 2010 election
Number of seats Nick Clegg's Lib Dems won at the 2010 election, thus allowing him and Cameron to form a coalition government
Number of female MPs after the 2010 election
Number of ethnic minority MPs after the 2010 election
Voter turnout perecentage for the 2010 general election

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