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QUIZ: Can you name the correct answers to these questions about electoral systems?

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What percentage of votes did Labour receive in the 2005 general election?
What percentage of seats did this translate as?
This seemingly unfair gap between votes and seats has called for the introduction of what kind of electoral systems by some critics?
What UK election uses Supplementary Vote?
If Supplementary Vote were to be used in Westminster elections, which major party would it benefit, providing a more 'fair' result?
What is the name of the electoral system used in England for European Elections
For British European Elections, the country is divided into how many constituencies, known as regions?
These constituencies are referred to as what kind of constituencies?
Which major party that failed to gain any seats at the 2010 election do notably well in european elections, gaining 12 seats in 2004?
What is the likely outcome for governments using more proportional electoral systems?
Where in the UK is Single Transferable Vote (STV) used for local, devolved and european elections?
What is the name given to the mathematical formula used to calculate the quota of votes required for a candidate.
What kind of electoral system is the Additional Member System (AMS)?
AMS is used in three different UK second-order elections, what are they?
AMS is used in three different UK second-order elections, what are they?
AMS is used in three different UK second-order elections, what are they?
What is the name given to the document produced by political parties to outline their ideas & policy proposals?
Which election resulted in hung parliament followed by a Minority Government
Who was the Prime Minister of this minority government before calling another election the same year?
What is the name given to the commission set up in 1997 to investigate alternatives to First Past the Post and consider more proportional alternatives

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