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QUIZ: Can you name the comedians and comediennes in the uk

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He is friends with the muppets and lives in ghost town
He's a bad teacher
He's a chatty man
Irish, Mrs Brown and a security guard named jimmy
He wouldn't lie to you
He's been framed
Peep show, would i lie to you? team captain
Postman pat
P.I.Staker, paris (a gnome) and an animated version of his self
DVDs called funny magnet and nidiot
Played a demon dinner lady and was a judge on splash
She is an impractical joker
I.T expert
A boyle and he's not susan
Team captain on 8 out of 10 cats
He lives in little Britain and writes childrens books
He has good news
He mocks the week and looks like an egg with a face
Loves mary and drives around the magic roundabout
Drinks tea with a monkey
An elephant seal, a police man officer and santa
He's going cuckoo and he is inbetween.
An alien in the neighbourhood watch
Spends the end of november and the start of december in australia and has really white teeth
He's not going out
He has a prosthetic leg and co presents the last leg and the jump
Irish comedienne, appeared on trollied, come fly with me and holby city
He whittles and doesn't go out
Hosts 8 out of 10 cats
A bad uncle
He's a wrong man, a meerkat and he has killed a few lesbian vampires
Chat show host, and he's live at the apollo
Chat show host, talks like elmur fudd
He taught harry potter to levitate a feather
Strawberry blonde celebrity who likes juice
Chat show host, presented the Eurovision song contest
Dad to jack whitehall in bad education and he has a friend called paul
A weasel, a running fat boy and he's friends with an alien
She's ' what i call ' a comedienne
Wears a fake foot, but he has a last leg

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