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QUIZ: Can you name the Climate change volcanic eruptions case studies

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Where is Laki?
When did it erupt?
It erupted over how many months?
How many km cubed of basaltic lava poured out?
Clouds of what poisonous gases poured out?
over what % of icelands livestock were killed?
which lead to a famine which killed what % of the human population?
Why did the temperatures decrease across the globe?
Where did this cause crop failures?
May have caused droughts in?
How many people were killed globally?
Where is Krakatoa?
when did it erupt?
How much of krakatoa collapsed?
How many died?
How fast did the pressure wave travel?
Pressure radiated across the globe and was recorded on what all over the world?
Ash was propelled to what height?
Where is Tambora?
When did it erupt?
Where was the eruption on the VEI
what is the ejecta volume?
how many died?
how many of that number were killed directly from the eruption?
caused global climate anomalies like?
1816 became known as?
Where is pinatubo?
when did it erupt?
what complicated the eruption?
how much magma ejected?
Over the following months what happened?
global temperatures dropped by how much?

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