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Can you name the islands designated as the capitals of all the administrative atolls of the Maldives?

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AtollCapital islandPopulation
Thiladhunmathi Uthuruburi (Haa Alif)13,495
Thiladhunmathi Uthuruburi (Haa Dhaalu)16,237
Miladhunmadulu Uthuruburi (Shaviyani)11,940
Miladhunmadulu Dhekunuburi (Noonu)10,015
Maalhosmadulu Uthuruburi (Raa)14,756
Maalhosmadulu Dhekunuburi (Baa)9,578
Faadhippolhu (Lhaviyani)9,190
Malé Atholhu (Kaafu)15,441
Ari Atholhu Uthuruburi (Alif Alif)5,776
Ari Atholhu Dhekunuburi (Alif Dhaalu)8,379
Felidhu Atholhu (Vaavu)1,606
AtollCapital islandPopulation
Mulak Atholhu (Meemu)4,710
Nilandhe Atholhu Uthuruburi (Faafu)3,765
Nilandhe Atholhu Dhekunuburi (Dhaalu)4,967
Kolhumadulu (Thaa)8,493
Haddhunmathi (Laamu)11,990
Huvadhu Atholhu Uthuruburi (Gaafu Alif)8,262
Huvadhu Atholhu Dhekunuburi (Gaafu Dhaalu)11,013
Fuvahmulah (Gnyaviyani)7,636
Addu (Seenu)18,026

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