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Can you name the country by the revolution that it has undergone?

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Forced Order
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name of revolutioncountryinformation
August RevolutionInstallment of Ho Chi Minh
Rose Revolution2005 ouster of Eduard Shevardnadze
Orange RevolutionProtest after corrupt 2006 election of Viktor Yanukhovych
May Revolution1810 ouster of the viceroy of Rio de la Plata
Log RevolutionPrecursor to war of independence from Yugoslavia
Wallachian Revolution1848 attempt to end Russian tsarist authority over Wallachia
Saffron Revolution2007 protests against corrupt rule of Ne Win
Xinhai RevolutionRemoval of Pu Yi and installment of Sun Yat-Sen
Yellow Revolution/People Power RevolutionOuster of Ferdinand Marcos
Denim RevolutionProtests against corrupt rule of Alexandr Lukashenko
Saur RevolutionOuster of Mohammed Daoud Khan
Donghak Peasant Revolution1894 rebellion against Joseon rule
Tulip Revolution2005 ouster of Askar Atayev
Jasmine RevolutionOuster of Ben Ali
name of revolutioncountryinformation
Bulldozer Revolution2000 ouster of Slobodan Milosevic
Cedar RevolutionProtests over assassination of Rafik Hariri
July Revolution1830 ouster of Charles X
Purple Revolution2005 election of Nouri al-Maliki
Febuary RevolutionOuster of Nicholas II
Pentrich RevolutionRevolt in Derbyshire to attempt to overthrow the government
Lotus RevolutionOuster of Hosni Mubarak
Glorious Revolution1868 ouster of Isabella II
Feberista Revolution1936 installment of Rafael Franco
Carnation Revolution1974 ouster of Antonio de Oliviera Salazar
Velvet Revolutionremoval of communist rule, ouster of Gustav Husak
Green RevolutionProtests after corrupt 2009 election led by Mir-Hossein Mousavi
October RevolutionOuster of Ibrahim Abboud

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