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a cylinder of parenchyma in the central stem of dicots
area of a leaf in which the vascular tissue is located
area of the mesophyll layer which contains many chloroplasts and has the most direct access to nutrients and sunlight
an area of ground tissue between the vascular cylinder and the epidermis which transports nutrients between the 2
vascular tissue for transporting nutrients
Fertilizable area to develop new seeds for release
area of wood made of dead xylem which supports the plant
stored food for a dicot embrto
plant with vascular tissue
protruding structure which elevates the stigma
A part of wood where sap flows and dissolved nutrients and water are conducted
undeveloped form of the seed
the area in which xylem and phloem are stored
monocot root, no central structure
Waxy outer layer of a leaf outside the epidermis
the area of a plant between the root and the flower which transports nutrients and water between them
An opening which opens and closes to allow in gases and water
an area of dermal tissue that isolates the vascular cylinder
female part of a flower
vascular tissue for transporting water
area of mesophyll which floats in an airspace in the leaf
depository for pollen
outer structures of a flower which open and close to attract pollinators
dicot root with a central structure
Cell which expands or contracts to open or close stomata
class of angiosperm with parallel leaf veins, 1 cotyledon, and vascular bundles scattered throughout the stem
a stalk connecting the leaf to the stem
top of the stamen, which is used to attract pollinators
angiosperm with 2 cotyledons, vascular bundles in a ring in the stem, and a taproot
moss or liverwort
below-ground area of the plant mainly composed of ground tissue
protective 'leaf' at the bottom of a flower
supporter of the anther
outer protective layer of a root, stem, or leaf
flowering vascular plant
part of a plant which is most active in photosynthesis, a green extension protruding from the stem
parenchyma which contains the most chloroplasts in the leaf
male part of a flower
pine, spruce, or fur, or any nonflowering vascular plant

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