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Can you name the World leader puns(past and present)?

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ClueLeaderCorrect word(s)
The tagline on an advert for increasing pubic hair growth reads '_______ within a fortnight, or your money back!'
In terms of music synthesisers, _______ing the most successful manufacturers
If zat garcon annoys moi again, I will _______ bastard!
I thought keeping a can off piss was horrible, but you keep a _______?! That's disgusting!
Sit anywhere you like, except for in _______, it's my favourite.
You'll need to switch the _______ before you can take a picture
The Cuban Missile Chrisis: America nearly suffered an atta_______nomical in terms of destruction.
ClueLeaderCorrect word(s)
Some people say it's bad to be mad, but I say_______ nowadays anyway?
There was tension but no fighting between the House of Valois and the House of Plantagen_______dred years war.
Once this software has finished in_______ I can start using it
Once I finish this corn on the C______ gon' start on the meat
I'm epileptic, flashing lights enduce a _______
I _______ a sunday, as it is the day of rest
His army won the battle of Chakirmaut, and is hoping that a_______ win to take over the world!
ClueLeaderCorrect word(s)
Small and comfortable, in summary: these house_______
Do you know the Horrible History series? Well _______ Tudors for my birthday please
It's a tough situation; I feel I should interfere, but I don't want to _______ might not like it if I do
I like my job recycling old vehicles, but sometimes its hard to do things like _______rolets
I'm drinking spirits with the loony tunes characters, can you pass the vod_______
I've seen a blue pan, a red vase, but never a pur_______
You forgot one state _______ware!
ClueLeaderCorrect word(s)
That singer miss Ditto, her first name sure as h_______!
Hostile aliens are coming! Shoot them with the cosmic _______!
They went to _______ and passed flu on to the vicar!
Lad, our first set of command_______ set of commands are to send the ransom note.
He needs CPR, but he's so ugly, I don't want to perform ___th to ___th

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