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The three flavours of Neapolitan ice cream?
Name of Amazon's 'electric book' device?
CEO of apple?
Author of 'of Mice and Men?
Brightest star in the sky?
Where were the Olympic games 2000 held?
Longest word to be typed with only the left hand
In Pokemon, what can eevee evolve into?
Who is the protagonist in Great Expectations?
Who starred in Moulin Rouge alongside Nichole Kidman?
How many zeros in the number 'one trillion two billion three million four thousand and thirty five'
If the radius of a sphere doubles, by what factor does its volume increase?
Which country is surounded completely by South Africa?
What is the word for a group of owls?
Which country was 'The country of the Celts' according to the Greeks
First 5 letters of the greek alphabet in order?
What are the two main types of telescope?
Who was christmas number 1 2009(UK/USA)?
Most visited website worldwide?
What is the roman numeral CMLXIX in modern numerals?
Which two nations national anthems can be heard in the audio sample above?
Which country do both of these countries border?
How many angular degrees separate each time zone?
To which country was vanilla indigeonous to and exclusivley grown in untill 1836?
What was the first patented glue made from?
What is the proper name for the funny bone?
What does the 'Ring of Fire' encircle?
First two layers of Earth's atmosphere?
Rex the dog was born 4 years, 7 months ago, how old is he in dog years?
What were(n't) Julius Caesar's last words?

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