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Capital is the name of the 16th U.S. president
Name means 'Land of the Indians'
Contains the Little Big Horn River
College football team is the 'Ducks'
State that borders the most Great Lakes
Contains a 630 foot-high arch
'The Peace Garden State'
Is an archipelago
Seceded from a Confederate state to the Union
Has the 'Mile-High City'
Contains 2nd largest city is the U.S.
Has the highest point in North America
'The Hospitality State'
Mount Rushmore
Has the Puget Sound
The least populated state
Great Smoky Mountians are partly in this state
Geographical center of contiguous U.S.
'The Badger State'
Directly south of Wisconsin
Contains Everglades National Park
Has Yale University
Savannah River makes southern border
State instrument is the fiddle
'The Lone Star State'
Most densely populated state
State of independence
Large potato producer
Surrounds most of District of Columbia
Salt Lake City
Most presidents born here
Located between Minnesota and Missouri
The first state
Las Vegas
Contains the southern mouth of the Mississippi River
Directly west of Georgia
Borders Lake Ontario
Directly east of Vermont
'The Birthplace of Aviation'
Smallest state
'Land of 10,000 Lakes'
'The Blue Grass State'
Has the Green Mountains
Salem Witch Trials took place here
Home of the Coca Cola Company
Rio Grande runs through the state
Northern most in Northeast region
Partly contains the Sonoran Desert
The end of the 'Trail of Tears' or Indian Territory

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