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Expansion Team of this Football League
Expansion Year
Pre 1970 Merger Conference
Post 1970 Merger Conference
1970-2001 Division
2002-Present Division
Uniform Color
Uniform Color
Uniform Color
First Owner
Current Owner
Head Coach (1968-1975)
Head Coach (1976-1978)
Head Coach (1978-1979)
Head Coach (1980-1983)
Head Coach (1984-1991)
Head Coach (1992-1996)
Head Coach (1996-2000)
Head Coach (2000-2002)
Head Coach (2003-Present)
Stadium (1968-1969)
Stadium (1970-1999)
Stadium (2000-Present)
Training Camp Location (1968-1996)
Training Camp Location (1997-Present)
Season of First Super Bowl Appearance
Season of Second Super Bowl Appearance
Hall of Fame Player
Hall of Fame Owner & Coach
Hall of Fame Defensive Coordinator, Head Coach, Defensive Back
Retired Number (54)
NFL MVP (1981 Season)
NFL MVP (1988 Season)
AFL Rookie of the Year (1968 Season)
AFL Rookie of the Year (1969 Season)
NFL Rookie of the Year (1985 Season)
NFL Rookie of the Year (1992 Season)
Winningest Coach (all-time; 61)
Most Points Scored (all-time; 1151)
Passing Leader (all-time; 32,838 yards)
Rushing Leader (all-time; 8,061 yards)
Receiving Leader (all-time; 10,783 yards)
First Coaching Staff (1968) Head Coach
First Coaching Staff (1968) Defensive Backs
First Coaching Staff (1968) Defensive Line
First Coaching Staff (1968) Line Backers
First Coaching Staff (1968) Offensive Line
First Coaching Staff (1968) Offensive Backs
First Coaching Staff (1968) Offensive Ends
Career Defensive Touchdowns Leader (7)
Career Interceptions Leader (65)
Career Sack Leader (47.5)
Career Forced Fumbles Leader (13)
Career Tackles Leader (1008)
Career Rushing Touchdowns Leader (64)
Career Yards Per Game Leader; Rushing (75.8)
Career Receiving Touchdowns Leader (66)
Career Yards Per Game Leader; Receiving (71.4)
Career Punt Return Yards Leader (1381)
Career Kickoff Return Yards Leader (3583)
Single Season Scoring Record (131)
Single Season Passing Yards Record (4131)
Single Season Passing Touchdowns Record (32)
Single Season Rushing Yards Record (1458)
Single Season Rushing Touchdown Record (15)
Single Season Receiving Yards Record (1440)
Single Season Receiving Touchdowns Record (17)
Single Season Punt Return Yards Record (474)
Single Season Kickoff Return Yards Record (1562)
First-team All-Pro Tackle 1981-82-83-85-86-87-88-89-90
First-team All-Pro Tackle 2004-05-06
First-team All-Pro Wide Receiver 2005-06
First-team All-Pro Running Back 1968
First-team All-Pro Tight End/Wide Receiver 1969
First-team All-Pro Quarterback/Punter 1970
First-team All-Pro Defensive Tackle 1972
First-team All-Pro Defensive Back 1976
First-team All-Pro Quarterback 1981
First-team All-Pro Wide Receiver/Punter 1981
First-team All-Pro Defensive Back 1982
First-team All-Pro Defensive Back 1983
First-team All-Pro Quarterback 1988
First-team All-Pro Defensive Tackle 1988
First-team All-Pro Defensive Back 1989
First-team All-Pro Defensive Back 1996
First-team All-Pro Defensive Back 2005

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