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Who's father is
Protagonist's best friend
Protagonist's other best friend
Who is a daughter of
Protagonist's half brother
Who is a
Where he works
Protagonist's father's brother
Who lost his what during the Winter Solstice
Where they go to find it
Along the way, Percy gets attacked by what monster
Who pays for their food in Denver
Entrance to the Underworld
Who really stole the Lightning Bolt
Who is working for whom
They go to the island to rescue who
And find what
Who's magic turns who into a human
They find two kids in the third book who's names are
What state do they lose Bianca
Thalia joins what group of hunters
In the fourth book, who does Percy meet at the Hoover Dam
Percy, Grover, and Annabeth find who in the Labyrinth
Who is Quintus' real identity
What is the name of his hellhound
Who does Percy blow up the ship with in the fifth book
He is a son of who
Who puts the entire city of New York to sleep
What is the name of Percy's Pegasus
What is the name of the son of Apollo who has sonic arrows

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