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What is the largest city in the Punjab region?
What is the largest city in Asian Russia?
What sea is also known as the Sea of Japan?
What Saudi Arabian city is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam?
What country is sometimes called Burma?
Name one Asian country that has a communist party.
Not including polar deserts, what Asian desert is the second largest in the world?
What Nepalese national park is home to Mt. Everest?
The world's tallest building is in what Asian city?
What country owns the Socotra Islands?
What mountain range dominates Iran's geography?
The Oriental Pearl Tower is in what Chinese city?
The Aral Sea is a lake on the border of Kazakhstan and what other country?
ClueAnswerFun Fact
What desert is located at the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent?
What is the largest city in Israel?
The world's tallest unsupported flagpole is in what Asian capital?
What Asian country has its capital as Bishkek and seems to be Sporcle's favorite country?
Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei all share what island?
What is the capital of Timor-Leste?
True or False: Singapore is an island.
Besides China, what is the other country with more than 1 billion people?
Chittagong is a major port in what country?
True of False: Tibet is a country.
What island is the Japanese city of Sapporo on?
What Middle Eastern country is scheduled to hold the 2022 World Cup?

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