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Can you name the Harry Potter Spells from A-F

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What it doesSpell
Makes you wake up
Disarms opponent
Reveals invisible ink
Stops any current spell
Enlarges items
Wind damaging
Makes objects hard
Hides a secret within someone
Confuses opponent
Produces flames
Gives opponent boils
Erects objects
Used to write on objects
Launches birds from wand
Enlarges teeth
Opens the one-eyed witch
Water shoots from wand
What it doesSpell
Locks a door
Splits seams
Digs out materials
Damages opponent's eyesight
Creates a patronus
Summons an object
Makes things explode
Protects you from detection by enemies
Undoes locks
Stops a wand's last spell from being shown
Unforgivable- torture
Knocks objects backwards
Heals minor injuries
Creates bandages
Clears the airway
Unforgivable- murder
Turns small objects into birds

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