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Can you name the countries based on their national emblem/coat of arms?

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Emblem DescriptionCountry
Crowned, golden lion rampant holding an axe with an argent blade, on a crowned, triangular and red escutcheon.
Three large lions standing on a platform, with an elephant and horse beneath them.
A large blue circle with five stars inside it. On the sides, there are the branches of coffee and tobacco.
A menorah with two olive branches on the side.
Golden pentagram radiating rays of light on a blue shield.
Yin and Yang symbol, surrounded by five petals of a flower.
A palm tree with two swords crossed below it.
Two lions on either side of a large shield depicting a knight. On top, there is a large golden crown.
Emblem DescriptionCountry
A large black eagle with a golden crown, and a shield containing the colors red and white.
A yellow emblem, with the map of the country in the middle. Below the map, the head of a Zebu can be seen.
A wreath of red flowers, with the map of the country and mountains in the middle.
Large white eagle with a golden crown on a red background.
A red shield with a white cross in the middle.
Large bown eagle in the center, holding arrows and an olive branch in its talons.
Large white star with a red border, with a cogwheel in the background. Two tree branches on either side - olive and oak.

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