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Which Member thought of the name One Direction?
Which two band members shared a room at boot camp on the x factor?
Who is the oldest member of One Direction?
What does Zayn's name mean in Arabic?
Zayn's celebrity crush besides girlfriend Perrie is...?
Liam has a fear of which household item?
Which member of 1D did not have a passport before the x factor?
What Nickelodeon television show did one direction appear on?
How many songs are there on take me home delux edition?
Which of their music videos was the first to reach 8.24 million views in under 24 hours?
Which football team does Zayn support?
What is Harry's star sign?
What does Zayn have a picture of tattooed on his right arm?
Liam's favourite movie trilogy is?
Niall has an older brother named...?
Which football team does Louis and Harry support?
Harry was in a band at school. What was their name?
Louis is a fan of girls who eat a lot of what?

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