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atoms are to chemistry as ______ are to biology
the _______ microscope has a higher resolution than the ____ microscope
what are organelles?
what is cell fractionation?
what is used to disupt cells?
what are the two basic cells types?
organisms of the domain _____ and _______ are prokaryotic cells
All cells contain what semifluid substance within their plasma membrane?
What do ribosomes do?
The chromosomes in a eukaryotic cell are in a _____ whila a DNA in a prokaryotic cell is in a ______
What type of cell has multiple organelles?
The _____ the object, the _____ the ratio of surface area to volume
In general biological membranes consist of what?
____ cells have chloroplasts and central vacules _____ cells dont
Mitochondria and/or chloroplasts are present in _____ cells
________ creates ATP from sugars, fats, and other fuels with the help of oxygen. The number of mitochondria depends on a cell's _______ activity.
Mitochondria and chloroplasts are not part of the _______ system.
The members proteins of mitochondria and chloroplasts are made by free ribosomes in the _______ and by ribosomes within the organelles.
Mitochondria and chloroplasts have their own _______.
Inside the chloroplast is a membranous system of flattened, connected sacs called _________. A stack of these is a called a _________, and the fluid outside of these is the _______
The foldings of mitochondria's inner membrane are called _______
The mitochondria's _______ is enclosed by the inner membrane, and contains ________, DNA, and ribosomes
Stroma contains a chloroplast's DNA, enzymes, and _________
Peroxisomes contain enzymes that produce ________ as a byproduct, but it contains an enzyme to convert that into water.
Some peroxisomes can break down fatty acids into fuel for use during _______.
What protein make up microtubules?
what protein makes up microfilaments?
The microfilaments ______ tension whereas the microtubules ______ tension
Cytoplasmic streaming is a result of what cytoskeletal element?
what are the structures in between (length) microfilaments and microtubules?
What protein makes up intermediate filaments?
Motor proteins 'walk' on what?
Flagella and cilia are?
what is the alleged function of a centriole?
centrioles are 9 sets of ____ microtubules arranged in a ring
microfilaments are most prevalent in what type of cells?
plants have an extracellular matrix while plants have?
the linkages in between plant walls are called?
desmosomes are like what common house improvement implement?
ER which lacks ribosomes is called ______ ER
ER which has ribosomes studding the outer surface of the membrane is called ______ ER
ER stands for:
Sacs made of membrane are called?
Here, the ER are modified and stored then sent to other destinations
The two poles of a Golgi stack are called the ___ face and the ______ face (separate answers with a comma)
Golgi 'receives' from the _____ face
Golgi 'ships' from the _____ face
A membranous sac of hydrolytic enzymes that an animal cell uses to digest macromolecules
Mature plant cells usually contain a large ______ ______ (2 words)
Many freshwater protists have _____ ________ (2 words) that pump excess water out of the cell
The central vacuole is enclosed by a membrane called the ____________

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