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Can you name the se words and phrases that have more than one 'X'?

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Where the point (6,0) lies
Number of books in the KJV Bible
Thank you, in Chinese
Container of flu relief
Winner at the Battle of Thermopylae
General Mills snack made of different cereals
Author of 'The Complete Book of Running'
Like some restaurant menus
Nice seats at a stadium
Recurring $30 a month Internet bill, maybe
Actor who won an Oscar in 'Ray'
Aptly named Philadelphia pro indoor soccer team
Monopoly space
Oil company that is world's largest publicly traded company
Spicy cuisine
Popular antianxiety drug
Interstate sign
Microorganism discharge
Dance sometimes known as Brazilian tango
Powdered candy that is in the shape of a straw
Discount apparel department store chain
Shout from the newspaper boy
Cargo airline that is also world's largest airline
Helps with constipation
Microsoft gaming system

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