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Can you name the 25 most powerful songs of the past 25 years, according to mental_floss?

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25. NirvanaThe Tune that Revolutionized the Underarm Industry
24. Tommy TutoneThe Drunk-Dialing Song
23. Whitney HoustonThe Song that Showed Saddam's Softer Side
22. MozartMusic that Makes Sewage Disappear
21. Francisco TarregaThe Sound that Ended Silence Forever
20. Van HalenThe Song That Toppled a Dictator
19. Soul AsylumThe Song that Proved Some Children Go Missing for a Reason
18. Nick AshtonThe Sound of Getting Stoned
17. Judas PriestThe Song that Proved Subliminal Messaging is Weak
16. Ricky MartinThe Song that Gave Pirates Courage until the End
15. Suzanne VegaThe Song that Made Music Safe for the Internet
14. BeyonceThe Song that Woke up the Astronauts
13. John CageThe Song that's Outliving Its Composer (and Everyone Else, Too)
12. Natalie ColeThe Song that Brought the Dead Back to Life
11. Lil WayneThe Song that Won 8 Gold Medals
10. Rick AstleyThe Song that Made Every Link a Surprise Party!
9. The VerveThe Saddest Song, According to Science
8. 2 Live CrewThe Song that Made It Safe to be Weird Al
7. The Chicago Bears Shufflin' CrewThe Song that Gave a Beat to Jock Itch
6. Snoop DoggThe Song that Kicked off the Prepster Craze
5. The BeatlesThe First Hog Aliens Will Hear
4. RadioheadThe Song that Killed the Record Labels
3. R.E.M.The Song that Eases the Anxious Bovine Mind
2. CherThe Song that Made Singers Obsolete
1. Barney the DinosaurThe Song that Makes Bad Guys Tremble

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