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Can you name the words and phrases that begins with the letter 'X'?

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Percussion instrument played with mallets
Having a dry environment
Estate of Citizen Kane
Energy company that merged with ExxonMobil
Cincinnati university
Compound used in aviation fuel
Sex determinant
Unkown quantity
Deer ___
Popular webcomic by Randall Munroe
Popular video game console
Wood sugar
Nissan SUV model
Earliest recorded Chinese dynasty
Sword-shaped, like a breastbone
Annual sports competition since 1995
Horizontal line on coordinate plane
Short-lived football org.
Mediterranean sailing ship
Chinese name for Tibet
Hard-to-define influence
Vin Diesel movie
Fear of strangers
Spanish city that gave sherry its name
Super Bowl in 2010
Type of transport tissue
Copy at the office
Brand of craft knife
Popular antianxiety drug
Saying about pirate maps
Sirius rival
Letters at the top of a clock
Rapper with MTV show
Disciple of Socrates
For adults only
Ruler who won Battle of Thermopylae
Discovery of Wilhelm Rontgen
Element found in gas lamps
'Trust No One' TV show
City near Dayton, Ohio
Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, etc...
Supernatural TV warrior princess
1797 American ado with France
'Oranges & Lemons' rock group
Nelson Mandela's native language
14th letter of the Greek alphabet
Holiday season, for short
Slender-bodied Mexican lizards
Old IBM PC's

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