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Can you name the country by its entry subheading in The Onion's 'Our Dumb World'?

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Forced Order
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Demoted To The Fourth World
Wrong Side Of The Spice Rack
A Beautiful Nazi Retirement Community
Home Of The Lovely Queen Rania
Congratulations, You Just Laughed At Thousands Of Starving People
'Wah, Wah, Wah, The Turks Were Mean To Us'
A Money-Rich Nation
Where Dirt Gets The Death Penalty
'Come On In-The Water's Fine!'
The Distended Belly Of Africa
Where People Go To Say They've Been
A Proud Tradition Of Chocolate, And Also Some Other Stuff
Manufacturing Crates Since 1837
Please Hold While We Die Of Malaria
Why Read About Suriname?
Currently In A Battered-Nation Shelter
Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Enter
Nobel Prize Winner For Great Cheekbones
Even More Chritian Than The Other Georgia
A Forward-Thinking Post-Apocalyptic Nation
An Agoraphobic's Hell
Just Getting Out Of A Bad Inernational Relationship
Fighting AIDS With Bamboo Spears
A To-Go Nation
Like A Zoo You Get Killed At
The Land That Time, Newsweek, And USA Today Forgot
Doing Terrorism's Grunt Work
Would Trade It All For A Little More Kashmir
A Mud Hole
People At Their Most Beautiful, Humanity At Its Ugliest
As Seen On Animal Planet
Living High Off The Land
Genocide-Free Since April 11, 1946
The Horror...The Horror...
Rotate Page 360 Degrees To Read
Suppressing The Urge To Chop You In Half With An Axe
An Island Of Moochers
True Rasta No Develop Country
A Country That Got Some Sense Bombed Into It
Where Russians Are Sent To Die
All Is Forbidden
Yo Ho Ho And An Untracable Income
It's A Winter Wonderland!
What Are You Looking At?
Where The Reading Rainbow Ends
At Least We're Not Democratic Republic Of Congo
A Human Assembly Line
Where The Rich Can Strike It Richer
Free Admission On Sundays
A Shortcut With Its Own National Anthem
Escaping The American Dream
A Mystical Land Of Junk
Driven From A Land That Was Wrongfully Theirs
Where A Kid Can Be A Kid Prostitute
Still Searching For India
Workers Of The World, Survive!
How Low Can A Country Go?
It's All Your Fault
A Neighbor You Can Bank On
Definitely Possibly A Country
Allah's Cat Box
Oh, The Injustice!
Blowing Their Pot O'Gold On Whiskey
Where The Streets Are Paved With Skulls
Goodbye, Cruel World
A Popular Nuke Destination
Bram Stoker's Romania
An Island, A Palm Tree, And One Guy
'F*** Everyone'
The Haiti Of Europe
Working The Cradle-To-The-Grave Shift
Keep Your Chin Up!
Warning: Do Not Lend This Nation Money
A Lucky, Lucky Nation
Wait, This Might Be Paraguay
2,500 Years Past Its Prime
Running On Fumes
Uncharted Desert Island Economy
Europe's Basement
The Catholic Disneyland
Birtplace Of Classical Muzak
Not To Be Confused With Macedonia
So Sorry For Getting Nuked
Warning: This Page Will Self-Destruct In 10 Seconds
An Island Unto Itself
You'll Only Find It On A Map
The Empty Promised Land
Made In Taiwan
[Subtitle is replaced by copy of a fake e-mail spam letter]
A Blood Diamond Is Forever
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Start
A History Of Exploitation and Colonialism Marred By Mass Suicide
Willing To Relocate For Work
Your Sons Won't Be Sent Here
By Estee Lauder
The Bridebasket Of Europe
Always With The G****** Pan Flutes
A Bad Neighborhood
Preventing Argentina From Enjoying The Pacific Ocean Since 1818
A Country Divided Exactly In Half
A Lush And Diverse Crime Scene
Please Don't Feed The Humans
The Completist's Genocide
'We're Happy Because You're Not Here'
From Rags To Tatters
Plight Of The Living Dead
Conveniently Located In The Middle Of F***ing Nowhere
A Great Ballpark In A Bad Neighborhood
These A**holes Don't Belong In An Atlas
In Africa's Success Story, A Hidden Genocide
The Baltic Drainage Region
'Please...Give Us...Water...'
A Hotbed Of Islamic Extremism
Inhabitable By 2307
Now Hiring 2.4 Million Busboys
About Uzbekistan
A Dangerous Place To Have A Neck
Living Fat Off The Land
Come For The Food Shortages, Stay Because You've Died
Ruled By Lemurs
President Bongo's Private Residence
This Luggage Isn't Going To Move Itself
United In Circular Dancing
Partners In War Crime
Holy Living F*** - They Still Have Slaves Here
The Worst Of Both Worlds
Soon To Be Underwater
To Hezbollah In A Handbasket
Please Remove Your Shoes Before Reading This
Totally Out Of This Atlas Section as Soon As The EU Accepts Them
For The United States, See Pages 9-22
A Huge Waste Of Space
Properties Available, Inquire Today
An Allah-Inclusive Terrorist Resort
God's Pratical Joke
No Fat Chicks
South America's Middleman
Let Us Plan Your Next Wedding
One Nation Above God
Fleeting Survival Of The Fittest
We Have No Beaches
Right On The Equatorish
A Possible Likely Threat To The Free World, Maybe
Enjoying A Three-Century Siesta
Don't Breathe The Air
Earth's Crawlspace
Where Even The Elephants Take Bribes
A Muslim Woman's Dream Hell
They Are Called 'Kyrgyz,' And It Only Goes Downhill From There
The Final Resting Place Of Botswana
Terrorism's Farm Team
An Island Nation, Not A Disease
What The F*** Are These Other Countries Thinking?
Surging Ahead To The 19th Century
Why Spend Hundreds On A Name-Brand African Country?
'So We've Done A Little Ethnic Cleansing'
Where All Roads Lead To Serious Injury
Badly In Need Of A Savior
Where Everything Is Legal
In A World...Where Nothing Is What It Seems...
Neutral...Too Neutral
You Are Most Welcome...To Get Out of Syria!
Hard-Hitting, Explosive News
So 'Cold' From All The 'Ice'
South Africa's South Africa
Just Not The Same Without The Civil War
Okay, We Made This One Up
Making Its Own Sad, Poor Way
Once A Mighty Atlas Entry
No Child Left Alive
On Loan From The U.S.
Huddled In the Corner Of Africa
They Had It Coming
Unstable At Last
Running 26.2 Miles From Their Problems
Going Through A Rebellious Phase
The Land of Opportunism
Latitude 27 South, Longitude 57 West - That's All We've Got
A Nation In Smithereens
#1 At Being #2
Ancestral Homeland Of The Goods
Long Live The Late President Niyazov!
Welcome To The Official DPRK World Atlas Of North Korea Atlas Page! Nuclear Capable!
The Outlet Mall Of Europe
You Will Be Shot On Sight
The Cutest Little Overpopulation Crisis
One Doesn't Blow
The World's Only Seven-Star Nation
All Better Now Thanks To You

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