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Can you name the answers below that begin and end with 'X', 'Q', or 'Z'?

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Copy at the office 
Microsoft game system 
Hugs and kisses 
Popular antianxiety drug 
English punk rock band with singer Poly Styrene 
Vin Diesel movie, or pornography identifier 
Unix operating system version 
VII squared 
International power supply company 
1985 Super Bowl where the 49ers defeated the Dolphins 
Dutch metal group that dropped the 'Clan of' in front of their name 
Celcom's brand of prepaid mobile phone services 
Mutant superhero team created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred 
Rich madman from the 1996 film 'The Phantom' 
NASDAQ company that is the world's largest supplier of programmable logic devices 
Town in Southern Greenland whose name means 'the white one' in Greenlandic 
A flat stone used by Inuits for cooking 
1956 Dutch film nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 
Azerbaijani unit of currency 
Alternate spelling of a person who is from Astana 
Hyundai model 
Palindromic Canadian sculptor Ashoona 
British defense technology company that sounds like a type of energy 
American composer Confrey who composed 'Kitten on the Keys' 
German Reform rabbi and writer Leopold 
Scrabble word for the noise of someone sleeping 
Main car-manufacturer of Ukraine 
1962 horror movie with Tom Poston 
A buzzing sound, or a nap 
One sextillion (10^21) of the unit of frequency 
Academy Award winning film producer Saul 
1974 sci-fi film with Sean Connery 
Defense strategy in football that confuses the offensive line 
Griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology 

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