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Can you name the words or phrases described by adding a 'B' and a 'C' into the word?

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You can enter either word, with or without the extra 'BC' and sometimes the B and C will be consecutive. (Yes, this quiz was made because Sporcle challenged me)
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Before HintWord or PhraseAfter Hint (+BC)
___ Center, Chicago's second tallest buildingBreakfast strip
___ generis___ Bay, Philippines
The ark, for oneThreat on a ranch
___ WeeklyTampa Bay players, for short
Mac image browser, available for freeThree-masted Mediterranean vessel
Sally Field character NormaSupport
Hungarian sheepdogOpposite of private
Tower located in Toronto, CanadaChannel that airs 'Closing Bell'
Actress TurnerBahía ___, Argentina
Before HintWord or PhraseAfter Hint (+BC)
'Do __ do'Elementary
Prefix for high$60 property in Monopoly
Type of grainCanyon in Utah
AOL alternativeChannel that airs 'Hardball'
Little Rock home, to the postal systemPart of a freight train
Garfield canineDress part
SnitchLeaflike part
Dakota IndianRenaissance fiddle
Harry's pal at HogwartsAnimal at a rodeo

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