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What is 'Bob's real name?
How much did Blackadder offer Bob's father to go away?
What is Nursie's real name?
What was the name of Melchett's 'friend' (baa)?
What was the blunt instrument resembling some sort of gardening tool that the torturer was going to remove Blackadder's testicles with?
What colour were Queenies's elephants?
Which arm has Farrow not got?
What is the Wise Woman's address?
What career did Bob's father suggest she follow?
Why does Flash like Baldrick's beard?
What does the Bishop of Bath and Wells eat for breakfast?
How did the last man who 'lost his wallet die?
What was the name of the sailor who hire's Baldrick the rent boy?
What does Lord Whiteadder sit on at home?
What colour are Melchett's breasts?

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