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Perseus cut off the head of this gorgon & presented it to King Polydectes.
The name of Prometheus meant 'forethought'; the name of his brother Epimetheus meant this.
Thetis held her son Achilles by the heel & dipped him in this river to make him safe from wounds.
She's the mother of Eros.
Perseus rescued this beautiful maiden, who was chained to a rock as a sacrifice to a monster.
Because he was clever & inventive, this speedster with winged sandals was sometimes called the 'master thief.'
The name of this woman created out of clay by Hephaestus means 'all gifted.'
This narrow strait is so named because Phrixus' sister Helle drowned in it.
she was the daughter of Icarus & the wife of Odysseus.
Hera cursed this nymph by saying 'You shall have the last word but no power to speak the first.'

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