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QUIZ: Can you name the words that begin and ends with T?

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A dose of medicine or a slab bearing an inscription
sour or a small pie
portable shelter mainly used when camping
essentially equal to
to knit
it can be old or new
an area of land, a brief treatise
implied, unspoken, but not directly expressed
heavy rain
not this
'... or else'
a document entitling the bearer to something... don't speed
a quality in something
passage to the stomach
interact in a certain way, or something nice to eat
to conduct business
to lure
extreme care in spending of money
a knitted fabric
violent wind
temporary, passing or short lived
device to regulate heat
reproduction of a record
consideration to avoid offense
growth of bushes
a person skilled in certain healing
a freshwater fish
to foul
slow pace of running
identify as being with a certain group
bunch of feathers, hair, or grass
baked bread
An Asian country under the control of China
small tower over a building
plumbing fixture
27th President of the Untied States
violent agitation
natural qualities or skills
closely constrained

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