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Can you name the Twilight Zone episodes from the plot description?

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A sidewalk salesman's attempt to cheat d'One for the Angels'
A sidewalk salesman's attempt to outsmart death nearly costs a little girl her life
A washed up gunfighter is given a chance at redemption
An aging movie star tries to hold on to her past
A man who's afraid of dying sells his soul to the devil in exchange for immortality, but soon comes to regret his decision.
A man finds himself on a ship with no memory of how he got there.
A hoodlum harasses an old peddler who seems to know what everybody needs before they do.
Two families head to another planet to escape an impending nuclear war
A Woman travelling across town sees the same man everywhere she goes
A teacher's knowledge of history seems to come from more than a textbook
A man and his wife are given three wishes by a genie, but soon discover that wishes have consequences
A man travelling through Europe gets lost and seeks shelter in a castle whose dungeon houses a most diabolical prisoner
A couple of jewel thieves find a camera that takes some unusual pictures
A drunk department store Santa is given a special gift
A bank teller suddenly has the power to read other people's thoughts
A plane's crew and passengers are transported back in time.
A sidewalk salesman's attempt to cheat d'One for the Angels'
A young boy communicated with his dead grandmother
Four men think they have come up with a perfect plan to rob Fort Knox and not get caught
A pompous man proposes a most unusual wager.
A man sentenced to death for murder claims that everything and everybody around him are all part of a dream.
Two survivors from opposing sides of a war slowly fall for one another
A pool hustler learns that being the best comes at a high price
A town is held prisoner by the mind of diabolical boy
An ex-Nazi officer is put on trial by the ghosts of his victims
A man's attempt to expose the world's evil people backfires
A leader of a hate group gets help from an unexpected source
A ruthless company executive wishes to go back in time and start over, but things don't turn out as he expects
A jockey makes a wish to become big, but soon learns the meaning of the phrase 'Be careful what you wish for'.
A man is taunted by a toy doll
An old man finds a way to torment his niece from beyond the grave
A man is given a youth serum that works a little too well

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