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To cook in a highly seasoned sauce*ecue
Someone who can fix thingsh*man
A formal presentationint*uction
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, etc.p*t
The aquatic larva or immature form of frogs and toads*pole
Not red, not yellow, similar to purple, or indigo...b*h
To imitatemi*
Any difficult or perplexing situation or problemdil*
A condition characterized by frequent and uncontrollable periods of deep sleepnar*psy
A white grape used in winemakingchar*y
Not late*y
An instrumenthar*
A particular momentin*t
A person who cleans bedrooms and bathroomsch*maid
Biased or prejudiced in favor of a person, group, side, etc.p*ial
A contest of speedr*
Deviating from a standardab*l
To place or arrange in proper order or positioncoor*ting
Believing in, or belonging to the religion based on the teachings of Jesus*tian
A specially equipped motor vehicle for carrying sick or injured peopleambu*
Open delight or pleasureg*
Extraordinary in some bad waye*ious
Habitual or customaryusu*
Widely and unfavorably knownno*ous
A positive, explicit, or formal statementde*tion
To give new life tor*lize
Openly outrageous fla*
To mix smoothly and inseparably togetherb*d
The period from conception to childbirth preg*
Being more than two but fewer than many in number or kindse*l
From the United Statesam*an
To walk or march a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, or military trainingh*
The person that creates distinctive phrases, or mottos of any party, group, manufacturer, or persons*eer
Committed or obligated to repay a monetary loanin*ted
The legislature of certain British colonies and possessionspar*ent
Better than greatexc*t
A nutmac*ia
A type of swantrum*

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