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Can you name the Westeros and Essos Locations A-Z?

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ACity on Slaver's bay. Home of the Unsullied
BThe greatest of the free cities. Home of Syrio Forel
CLannister castle overlooking Lannisport
DOriginal seat of House Targaryen. Situated in the enterance to Blackwater Bay
EAncient seat of House Arryn
FMountain range in the far north of Westeros
GSeat of House Allyrion in Dorne.
HLargest castle in the Seven Kingdoms, much of which is in ruins
IIsland located north of the Dothraki Sea
JLarge body of water located to the east of Qarth
KCapital of the Seven Kingdoms
LOne of the major ports of the Seven Kingdoms and the largest city in The Westerlands
MNorthernmost and the largest of the three great slaver cities of Slaver's Bay.
OThe oldest city in Westeros
PFree city located on the western coast of Essos
QHome to warlocks, traders and the House of the Undying
RCastle and ancestral seat of House Tully
SCastle with the thickest walls of any in the Seven Kingdoms. Main seat of House Baratheon
TIsland home to Brienne. the 'Sapphire Isle'
USeat of House Mullendore. It is northeast of Oldtown.
VThe only city of the Dothraki people
WCapital of the north
YKnown as the Yellow City. Defeated by Daenerys Targayren on the way to Meereen
ZRuined city on the northern coast of Sothoryos.

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