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Can you name the Potter Spells - Wizarding up your world?

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Water charm, conjures water from the wand
Light charm
Petrification Spell, petrify the oponent
Patronus charm
Immobilization spell, stop the object or creature in the air
Cutting Spell, cuts a hard surface
Fixing Spell
Little Healing Spell, heal little injuries
Mind Reading Hex
Stop-in-the-air Spell, you can cast without a wand
Tickling jinx
Levitation spell
Blood Hex, creation of Half-Blood Prince
Ropes Casting Hex
Shield Spell
Repel Hex and Curses
Spell Harding Charm, used to make protections spells stronger
Human presence charm
Summoning Spell
Dark Mark summoner
Unlock doors spell
Unforgivable Curse, Control
Unforgivable Curse, Pain
Unforgivable Curse, Death
Jump Spell, makes an object fly and hit the Floor
Fire Charm, set fire to and object
Desintegration Hex
Explosion Spell
Snake Burning spell
Repel Spiders
Slugs Jinx, English casting
Repeling Spell
Enlarge Spell
Levitation hex for battles
Disarming charm
Giving life to Statues
Stunning Hex
Bumping Charm
Snake Summoning Charm
Spell Historic Charm
Loud Voice Charm
Minimizing Charm, Opposite of Engorgio
Anti-Boggart Jinx
Dancing jinx
Transfigure animals into Water Goblets
Bombing Spell, Similar to Confringo
Arm Healing, Heal big arm injuries
Explode Doorknobs
Confunding Jinx
Smash or Move big objects
Wake up Spell
Soul Splitting Curse
Demon Fire Curse
Fixing connections between a transporting object
Makes plants grow faster, makes the Whomping Willow angry
Blue Flames Spell
Sun light cast Charm
Turn the Wand Light Off
Spell to turn off the Marauder's Map
Glasses Fixing Charm

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