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Can you name the The Italian Job Trivia (1969)?

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What make of car was crashed in the opening scene
What did the car crash into at the end of the tunnel
Where was Charlie at the start of the film
What car did Charlie pick up after he got back
What country’s ambassadors car was stolen
What was the girl's name
What was waiting for Charlie in his hotel room
Who originally planned the job
Who took over the job
Where is the film set (Italian city)
What was going on in the city at the time of the robbery
Where did Charlie go to talk to Bridger
Who financed the job
Who was second in command
What are they trying to steal
What is Bridger obsessed with
Who were out to get the team
What were two of the fast reserve cars crushed by the Mafia
What was the remaining fast reserve car crushed by the Mafia
What were the professor’s specialty
What did the professor like
What did they do to the city's traffic
What was thrown over the fence to cut the power
What is the famous line from the film when testing explosives (no punctuation)
What was used to corner the convoy
What car did they take to the job
What cars were used for the getaway
What colour were the Mini's
What were the remaining crew disguised as to make their escape
What colour were to police cars
What is happening on the stairs they drive down
What does the passenger of one of the mini's grab during the car chase
What did the mini's drive through at the end of the chase
How did they hide to cars to get out of the city
What did they do with the minis
What was the bus hanging off at the end
How many characters names are reused in the 2003 adaptation

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