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Forced Order
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Prime Minister from '35-'48, Conscription, Led Canada through World War
Prime Minister from '63-'79 and '80-'84, FLQ Crisis, Patriation of Constitution, Kept Canada united
Prime Minister from '63-'68, Minister of External Affairs from '48 - '57, suggested peacekeeping force to help Suez Crisis
Quebec Premier from '70-76 and '85-'94, Quebec Nationalist
U.S Senator, Started McCarthyism in 1942
Quebec Premier from '76-'85 and Separatist, First Referendum
Member of King's Cabinet, Minister of Reconstruction '44-'45
Prime Minister from '48-'57, Social welfare, 'Led' Canada through the Korean War
Premier of Saskatchewan in 1934, instrumental in public healthcare system
Prime Minister from '57-'63, scrapped Avro Arrow lead Saskatechewan Cons. Party from '36 - '40

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