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What is the year war ranging from 1945-1991?
Who were the main opponents of the Cold War?
The Berlin _______ cut off food and power to west Berlin.
Who was US president during the beginning of the Cold War?
Who was the Soviet leader during the beginning of the Cold War?
What was the US foreign policy during the Cold War?
What was the first proxy war?
What was the second proxy war?
Which part of Korea did the US back?
What is the economic system was based on the private ownership of businesses and farms?
What economic system is based on the idea that farms and business should be owned by the workers who do the labor?
_______ ________ brought food and supplies to people in Berlin.
The Germans tried to drive the americans out of _____ Berlin
Who is the communist leader of China?
Who was the leader of the USSR who reformed communism?
Who was the US leader when the Berlin Wall fell?
Which event occurred when the USSR moved missile into Cuba?
Who were the leaders of the US and the USSR during it.
_____ was a member of NATO
_____ was a part of the Warsaw Pact
Who assisted North Korea in the Korean War?
What assisted Western European countries by supplying money so they wouldn't need assistance from Communist countries?
Who was the Cuban leader during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
Who was the American President during the end of the Vietnam War?
In 1989 the _____ ____ fell
Failed assult on Cuba by the U.S.A.
US president during failed assult on Cuba by the U.S.A.
The reason that the war never become hot was that both countries had lot of _______ _______.
The agreement to limit nuclear capacity
Which president bombed Vietnam's neighbor Cambodia.
What is radiation in dirt and water called?
The US _____ the vietnam war
In 1991 the _____ _____ dissolved
In what kinds of wars do superpowers back smaller countries that act as subsitutes and fight for them?
Senator _____ falsely accused people of being communist.
____ was the idea that if one country fired it's nukes the other would fire back and they would destroy each other?

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