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Can you name the Wizards That Killed These People?

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Forced Order
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Dead PersonKillerMeans of Murder
NaginiSword Of Gryffindor
Bellatrix LestrangeAvada Kedavra
TonksAvada Kedavra
WormtailSilver Hand
Quirnius QuirrellTouching/Love
Frank BryceAvada Kedavra
DumbledoreAvada Kedavra
Mad-Eye MoodyAvada Kedavra
Moaning MyrtleEvil Eyes
BasiliskSword Of Gryffindor
James PotterAvada Kedavra
Barty Crouch Sr.Unknown
Sirius BlackUnkown Spell Knocked Him Into Veil
Hepzibah SmithPoison
Igor KarkaroffUnkown
Dead PersonKillerMeans of Murder
Grey LadySword
Bloody Baron Bloody Sword
Ariana DumbledoreUnknown Curse
Cedric DiggoryAvada Kedavra
Severus SnapeBitten
Cadmus PeverellPoison
Regulus BlackDrowning
ScrimgeourAvada Kedavra
Charity BurbageAvada Kedavra
HedwigAvada Kedavra
Bathilda BagshotBitten To Death
Vincent CrabbeFiendfyre
Remus LupinUnknown (Presumed Avada Kedavra)
VoldemortRebounded Avada Kedavra

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