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Can you name the Movie Star by their Characters' Jobs?

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Forced Order
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Job TitlesMovie StarFilms
Teacher, Discount Store Clerk & Advertising Executive
Detective, President of South Africa & Brigadier General
Housewife, Senator & Bakery Owner
Singer, Orthopaedic Surgeon & Private Investigator
Janitor, Golfer & CIA Officer
Professional Boxer, Taxi Driver & FBI Agent
Product Tester, Architect & FedEx Systems Analyst
Warrant Officer, Naturalist & Painting Restorer
Paranormal Investigator, Ex Porn Star & Pop Star
Surgeon, Psychiatrist & Magazine Publisher
Documentary Director, Child Psychologist & U.S. Marshall
Con-Artist, Aeronautical Engineer & Radio Show Host
King, Diner Owner & Painter
Stripper, Actress & Lieutenant
Pickpocket, Salesman & Motivational Speaker
Patrol Officer, Royal Navy Commander & Assassin
Bodyguard, Taxi Driver & Marine Squad Leader
Tomb Raider, Drug Dealer & MI6 Agent
Police Officer, Computer Programmer & Undercover Police Officer
Prostitute, Restaurant Critic & Curator
Oil Driller, Reverse Engineer & Advertising Executive
Police Sergeant, Advertising Executive & Reverend
Professional Boxer, Virologist & Aeronautical Engineer
Botanist, Radio Host & Assassin
Police Commissioner, Physician & Ex-Marine
Job TitlesMovie StarFilms
Astronaut, Lumberjack & Molecular Biologist
Substitute Teacher, Film Director & Luchador
Waitress, English Teacher & Art Teacher
Bank Clerk, Chauffeur & Lawyer
Graphic Artist, NSA Agent & Psychiatrist
Detective Inspector, Imperial Guard & Taxi Driver
Fighter Pilot, Bartender & Dock Worker
Nurse, Model & Insurance Actuary
Actor, Pirate Captain & Jingle Writer
FBI Chemical Weapons Expert, Cryptologist & Police Officer
Nanny, Nun & Queen
MI6 Agent, King & Art Thief
Professional Boxer, Mountain Rescuer & Taxi Driver
Software Analyst, FBI Agent & Executive Publishing Editor
Butler, Secret Agent & Personal Stylist
Discount Store Clerk, Rodeo Cowboy & U.S. Marine
Fisherman, Science Teacher & Porn Star
Musical Actress, Professional Tennis Player & Receptionist
Voice Actor, Photo Technician & Therapist
Police Constable, Barber & Drug Smuggler
Army Private, NSA Spy & U.S. Navy Seal
Psychologist, Lawyer & Thief
Scientist/Inventor, Chaos Theorist & Satellite Technician
Medium, Lounge Singer & Psychiatric Nurse
Mathematician, Naval Captain & Police Detective

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