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Berlin Conference gives Ruanda-Urundi to Germany
League of Nations declares Rwanda a Belgian mandate
Introduction of identity cards
Rwandan Revolution
Declaration of Independence
MRND's Juvenal Habyarimana takes control from MDR's Gregoire Kayibanda
RPF invade from Uganda
Enactment of multiparty constitution (month)
Arusha Accords signed, signalling ceasefire
Lt. Gen. Dallaire sends cable to UN of weapons stockpile and plans
Habyarimana's plane shot down, roadblocks put in place.
French evacuate ex-patriates
Belgian troops withdraw from the École Technique Officielle, leading to massacre of Tutsis taking refuge
UN withdraws majority of UNAMIR, leaving 270 troops
UN Resolution 918 appoints 5500 troops to a renewed UNAMIR
Opération Turquoise begins
RPF launch offensive and take Kigali
100 days of genocide, 800000 killed
RPF defeat last government stronghold and control Rwanda
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda established
UNAMIR leave Rwanda
First presidential elections since genocide

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