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DescriptionWeapon Name
WWII Rocket Launcher and Popular Bubble Gum
Blunt Force Weapon and Popular Casino Game
18th Century Muzzle Loader with flared end often associated with pirates
Hand Weapon Popularized by Alamo Martyr
Launched Projectiles in Medieval Times, Vital System on Aircraft Carriers Today
US Army Antipersonnel Weapon With Metal Balls Embedded in Plastic Explosives
Legendary six shooter and popular malt liquor
Pygmy projectile that always seems to hit neck of victims when depicted in movies
Very small 1 or 2 shot handgun, portrayed widely in western movies
Incendiary Weapon Employed Widely in WWII Pacific Campaign
Firearm of 17th and 18th centuries named for finicky ignition means
Ligature weapon and Spanish execution device for strangulation
High rate, multibarrel firearm used in US Civil War
WWII versions vaguely resembled pineapples with pull rings
British-invented antisubmarine weapon that shares name with Sonic of videogame fame
DescriptionWeapon Name
Artillery piece often associated with 105 mm and 155 mm rounds
Medieval hand weapon and modern non-lethal chemical agent
Army man-portable projectile weapon usually launched at steep angles
Smooth bore, muzzle loader associated with D'Artagnan's three friends
US Navy name for motorized, multi barrel, very high rate gun used for close-in ship defense
Very long, pole-like thrusting weapon
US air-to-air heat seeking missile named for a snake
David's simple weapon to fell Goliath
Short range underwater weapon featured in 007 Movies and Seahunt TV series
Long slender knife
Famous US shoulder launched heat seeking missile
Less potent than a pen, but still a widely used family of weapons, around for centuries
Mechanized weapon, US versions named for Sherman, Patton, and others
Naval weapon whose ancestral form was damned by Admiral Farragut
Legendary brand of Israeli submachine gun

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