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QUIZ: Can you name the US State from Cheesy Crossword Clues?

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Forced Order
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Cheesy ClueState
Sneezes about half way through?
Always front & center, never secondary
Wardrobe for entertainer Ms. Reese?
Starts off with implement more powerful than a rapier?
Athlete's shirt, recently acquired?
Garden tool for actress Lupino?
Valuable mined raw metals are missing?
Never starts on target
Prophet for Wimbledon outcomes?
Casual inquiry about another's health?
Cheesy ClueState
Declares ones intent to question a woman?
Ruckus about hue or spectral constituent?
Encore for sing-along master Miller?
Begins with a kitchen stirrer?
Laundering a 2,000 pound load?
A diminutive soft drink?
Destination for witching hour rail departure?
Commences with an interrogative?
Slang for laying off the donkey or mule?
Sickly status at outset?

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