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DescriptionDimension or NumberInfo
USGA Golf Hole Diameter ___ + .25 Inches
USGA Maximum Clubs In Bag
NFL Minimum Height of Goalposts ___ feet
Opening Between NFL Goalposts ___feet + 6 inches
NFL Width of Field ___.33 yards or ___ feet
Most Unlikely (but possible) two-team total final score (under 42 points) in a NFL playoff game
Number of Creases on NHL Rink
Diameter of NHL Faceoff Circle ___ feet
Width of NHL Goal ___ feet
NHL Blue Line to Goal Line Distance ___ feet
DescriptionDimension or NumberInfo
Thickness of NHL Puck ___ inch
Width of NBA Key ___ feet
NBA Distance of Free Throw Line From Nearest Baseline ___ feet
Middle of Regulation NBA Ball Inflation Range ___ PSI
MLB Distance of Pitching Rubber to Plate ___ ft, 6 inches
AREA of MLB Batter's Box, ___ SQUARE feet
MLB Height of Pitchers Mound ____ + 1/2 inch
Minimum CIRCUMFERENCE of MLB Ball ___ inches
Maximum MLB Bat Length ___ inches
Minimum Pitches by One MLB Pitcher to Get Credit for Complete Game (game ends in 9th inning and no 'automatic' balls assessed against pitcher)

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