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Captain Kangaroo's friend & sidekick
International environmental & anti-whaling group
Advertising character for birdseye's rival
Popular canned vegetable
1991 movie starring Kathy Bates
Golf course locale of short shots
1973 movie title Charlton Heston discovered '... is people'
Famous masked detective of radio's golden Age
Famed restaurant located in NYC's Central Park
Expression for someone quite jealous
Kermit the Frog's song about difficult coloration
Nickname of Ivy League's Dartmouth
North Carolina city
Ethan Allen's Vermont associates
Very large island belonging to Denmark
1960 book by Dr. Seuss
Particularly Irish hue, possibly favorite of Dancer Gene or Clownster Emmett
Pine, spruce, or fir, eternally so
Pittsburgh Steel Curtain player of hostile disposition?
Centuries old traditional English folksong
1999 Tom Hanks movie set in prison
Serious tissue infection (spelling stretch)
Slang for US dollar and paper currency
Accountant & telegrapher headwear from late 1800s to mid 1900s
Currently popular brewed beverage with antioxidant reputation
Common name for golf course admission charge
Recent past Federal Reserve chairman
Fenway Park's famous left field wall
Partial bone break, especially in youngsters
English locale associated with prime meridian (Longitude 0)

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