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QUIZ: Can you name the bosses of TV sidekicks?

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TV Sidekickboss or palHint
BooBooCartoon denizens of Jellystone Park
Det. Dan WilliamsBoss was fond of saying 'Book'em Danno'
Luther Van DammeBoss was the team's head Coach
Ed McMahonNever had Conan vs Jay problems in his era
Arthur TreacherPlayed Ed McMahon role to prolific TV game show creator in talk format
Officer Reed'1 Adam 12, 1 Adam 12, see the man...'
Ed NortonBus driving 'Honeymooner' was the Pal
Festus HaggenMiss Kitty and Doc hung around, too
Angel MartinJim Garner played Angel's PI friend
Natasha FataleMale arch enemy of '...moose and squirrel...'
TV Sidekickboss or palHint
Barney FifeBoss was Mayberry's unarmed sheriff
Morrocco MoleThis Pal may have deeply 'concealed' any kinship to Bullwinkle's cartoon sidekick
Officer Bill Gannon'Just the facts maam'
Sherman (boy)Intellectual dog who helped Sherman use the wayback machine
Droopalong CoyoteCartoon 'Sheriff, bing, bing, bing, bing, .....'
RobinHoly quizz failure if you don't know this one
Alexander ScottRobert Culp portrayed pro athelete using international tennis as an espionage cover
Hadji (and Bandit)Cartoon title character often protected by Race Bannon
PenfoldOne of many cartoon rodents, was always 'shusshing' poor Penfold
Chumley (walrus)Don Adams did voice for this cartoon flightless bird

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