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Can you compare these unusual units of measurement to more common ones?

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Measurement unitmore or lessMeasurement unit
1 RACK UNIT isthan 1 inch
1 LIGHT-NANOSECOND isthan 1 cm
1 METRIC FOOT isthan 1 meter
1 HORSE isthan 1 meter
1 SMOOT isthan 1 yard
1 SIRIOMETER isthan 1 light-year
1 BARN isthan 1 square meter
1 SQUARE isthan 1 square meter
Measurement unitmore or lessMeasurement unit
1 MORGEN isthan 1 square km
1 BOARD FOOT isthan 1 cubic foot
1 CUBIC TON isthan 1 cubic meter
1 CORD isthan 1 cubic meter
1 SHAKE isthan 1 second
1 MICROFORTNIGHT isthan 1 second
1 GALACTIC YEAR isthan the age of the Earth
1 NANOCENTURY isthan 1 second

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