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Which country is the only agriculturally self-sufficient country in Europe?
Who was cast in the movie 'Clueless' after the director saw her in Aerosmith videos?
Which number is the only one that has same amount of letters as its value?
Which nation will type '555' instead of 'hahaha' because the number 5 is pronounced HA?
Which country has more lakes than the rest of the world combined?
Which planet has a day that is longer than its year?
Which car manufacturer invented three-point seatbelt and then gave free licence to all other makers?
In which century was the Christmas celebrated for the first time?
What is the natural color of hippopotamus milk?
In which part of the human body can you find cells that survive from your birth until the death?
What is the proper name for a group of kangaroos?
Hercules is a 'cousin' of which Disney princess, judging by Greek mythology?
Statue of which scientist radiates free Wifi in Silicon Valley?
Which company burns all their unsold bags each year?
Which English word is the only one that ends with 'mt'?
East/West division of which country can be seen from space as each side using different light bulbs?
Which was the last Disney movie that was more hand drawn than computer animated?
The light we see from the north star was emitted in which century?
In 2009, Wikipedia banned which church from editing any articles?
As long as both parties are registered blood donors, dueling is legal in which South American country?
During which century did Persia change its name to Iran?

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