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Name the 4-letter words in this word ladder full of NBA players!

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◍ Celtics legend, Larry ◍
Medieval musician
◍ Former Knicks guard, Charlie ◍
Articles offered for sale
Ridge made on the skin
◍ Wizards star, John ◍
Satisfactory, pleasing, good
◍ Former master defender, Raja ◍
Hit below the
Strike violently or defeat
◍ Wizards shooting guard, Bradley ◍
◍ 3 point specialist Gary ◍
Arranged in a tidy way
Place where a bird lays eggs
◍ Hornets and Pacers forward, David ◍
2nd person singular past of be (archaic)
Clean with water
◍ Former MVP, Canadian, Steve ◍
Food, informal
Centerpiece of a face
◍ Bulls playmaker, Derrick ◍
Wander, roam
◍ Cavaliers forward, Kevin ◍
High rank in a feudal society
◍ Former NBA point guard, T.J. ◍
Warning call in golf
Ticket price in transportation
◍ Deceased Nigerian center, Yinka ◍
Broad valley
◍ Former NBA journeyman center, Bison ◍
Narrow valley of a small river
◍ Senegalese C drafted by Sonics, Mouhamed ◍
Hong Kong bank, Hang
◍ Heat forward, Luol ◍
To make a ringing sound
◍ 2016 Hall of Fame inductee, Yao ◍
Piece of
Group of similar people or things
◍ Former Nets triple-double machine, Jason ◍

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