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A desert or barren area
A vehicle that collects municipal solid waste
The debut single by American band New York Dolls
A person suffering from drug addiction
A court action after tenant damages a property
Overly drunk, stoned
In sports, the end of a game after outcome is decided
A traditional type of Chinese sailing vessel
Famous German aircrafts during both WWI and WWII
A temporary storage for unwanted files in Windows OS
American rock band (Stupid Girl)
Unsolicited bulk email messages
A book for sticking cuttings, drawings, or pictures in
Risky, speculative-grade market investments
Nonsense! for the British
A group of mammals born of the same pregnancy
An unhealthy but quick and easy to eat meals
A devotion of period to a useless activity
A form of insult usually found in sports
A location for decommissioned vehicles

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