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Which one of these nicknames does not refer to Singapore?
a) Lion City, b) Pearl of the Orient, c) Little Red Dot, d) Garden City
How many islands and islets does Singapore lie on?
a) 1, b) 4, c) 63, d) 105
Where does Singapore lie compared to equator?
a) 137km to the north, b) 137km to the south, c) 420km to the south, d) 420 km to the north
Which country occupied Singapore during WWII?
a) USA, b) Japan, c) India, d) Germany
How many stars are there on Singapore flag?
a) 0 stars, b) 1 star, c) 3 stars, d) 5 stars
Which of four official languages is the work language in the city?
a) English, b) Malay, c) Tamil, d) Mandarin
Which religion is practiced predominantly?
a) Christianity, b) Islam, c) Taoism, d) Buddhism
Which country was Singapore part of after gaining independence from UK in 1963?
a) Thailand, b) Malaysia, c) Indonesia, d) Siam
Which ethnic group most of the Singapore population belong to?
a) Chinese, b) Malay, c) Indian, d) others
How many rivers are there in Singapore?
a) 0 rivers, b) 1-5 rivers, c) 5-10 rivers, d) more than 10 rivers
What is the name of the Singapore airport, sixth busiest airport in the world?
a) Penang b) Suvarnabhumi c) Kingsford Smith d) Changi
Where is the only busier port than Port of Singapore in terms of cargo tonnage handled?
a) Rotterdam, b) Shanghai, c) Houston, d) Marseille
Which of these criminal acts can get offenders the harshest penalty in Singapore?
a) selling chewing gum, b) spitting, c) walking nude at home, d) feeding pigeons
Who won the first Singapore F1 Grand Prix race in 2008?
a) Kimi Raikkonen, b) Felipe Massa, c) Fernando Alonso, d) Lewis Hamilton
What was the name of the British statesman who founded the city of Singapore?
a) James Abbott, b) Francis Light, c) Stamford Raffles, d) Henry Hopwood
What is the name of the oldest Christian church in Singapore?
a) Armenian church, b) Albanian church, c) Andorran church, d) Algerian church
What is the maximum allowable height of building in Singapore?
a) 74 meters, b) 165 meters, c) 280 meters, d) 490 meters
What kind of disaster in Bukit Ho Swee left 16,000 people homeless in 1961?
a) tsunami, b) fire, c) gas explosion, d) landslide
What is the name of a pedestrian bridge Singapore landmark?
a) Helix Bridge, b) Felix Bridge, c) Tube Bridge, d) Cube Bridge
Singapore's Marina Bay Sands was billed as the world's most expensive what?
a) cruiseship terminal, b) artificial beach, c) water reservoir, d) casino property

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